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JArgP — Java Command Line Argument Parser

Command line options are configured through the @CommandLineOption annotation. Its documentation describes how to use it.

The actual parsing is done by a JArgP object.

The JArgP object can also print a usage message.

See usage for a code example.


  • Long and short options. E.g. --help and -h.

  • Grouped short options. E.g. -abc means the same as -a -b -c.

  • Stop looking for options when reaching --, to allow parameters that start with -.

  • Interpret a single, free-standing - as an option (if configured). It is common to use this option to mean “read from STDIN”.

  • Match option by pattern (regular expression). E.g. \d+ to allow options --1, --2, etc.

  • Generation, and printing, of a usage message, with descriptions of all the options.


There may be some bugs, and they should be listed on JArgP’s GitHub page. If you find a bug that is not listed there, feel free to report it.

Possible Future Features

  • Producing completions, for use by, for instance, bash-completion.